Buy Hep C Drugs Online from India

Buy Hep C Drugs Online from India

What is Hepcinat LP?

The drug Hepcinat-LP belongs to the group of dzhereniki that have a strong antiviral effect. This medicine is a valid analogue of the original American generic, which is often used in the treatment of hepatitis C. Hepcinat-LP is not inferior to the more expensive original either in terms of pharmacological properties or in the level of exposure to the patient’s body. The manufacturer of this drug is Natco Pharma Limited, a well-known pharmaceutical company in India

Pharmacological properties

Of particular note are the pharmacological properties of Hepcinat LP. The instruction in Russian says that this drug inhibits the reproduction of the hepatitis virus in the human body, therefore, they hinder the further development of the disease. The active substances are a double inhibitor of viral protein and a blocker of division of pathogenic DNA.

Absorbed by the body, Hepcinat LP is fast enough. Sofosbuvir, which is part of it, is absorbed during metabolic processes in the liver within half an hour after taking the medicine. The second main substance Hepcinat LP, Ledipasvir is absorbed a little longer – within 4 hours after ingestion.

The composition of the drug and the form of release

Hepcinat-LP contains both active and excipients. The first task is to alleviate the symptoms and stop the disease itself, while the second contribute to the rapid absorption of the drug by the body. Active substances include:

  • Sofosbuvir – 400 mg per tablet;
  • Ledipasvir – 90 mg per tablet.

Inactive substances contained in Hepsinate-LP tablets include:

  1. Magnesium stearate;
  2. Titanium dioxide;
  3. Silicon dioxide (colloidal);
  4. Lactose monohydrate;
  5. Polyethylene glycol;
  6. Croscarmellose sodium;
  7. Yellow iron oxide;
  8. Copovidone;
  9. Polyvinyl alcohol;
  10. Cellulose particles (microscopic);
  11. Colorless talc.

The drug Hepsinate-LP is available in the form of small oval-shaped tablets with a yellow shell. Real Hepcinat LP can only be bought in this pharmacological form of release, others do not exist.

Where can I buy Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir?

At the moment, Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir in India, in a regular pharmacy, is not possible. However, there are official suppliers of this drug, providing loyal prices and quality service. But when buying Hepsinate-LP, you need to be careful – there are many scammers. What is the difference between a real Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir supplier from India and an imaginary one?

These differences are obvious:
Payment to an official legal entity through payment systems. It is also possible to pay by Visa or MasterCard;
Official prices. In India, there is a law according to which the value of the goods is indicated on the box. Thus, the cost of Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir in India cannot be higher than in India;
When buying this medicine, the buyer is given a money back guarantee in case of inappropriate quality of the goods (within 180 days);
Hepsinate-LP from an authorized dealer can be purchased in installments;
Availability of original documentation for a batch of goods. Documents must be of good quality, and batch numbers (declared and delivered) must match.

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